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Why do I have to use PEAUTY?

Introducing PEAUTY, a global PPT platform.

1. Provide a variety of references by category

-  PPT and business in various formats, Including proposals / Self-introduction / Publication / Business plans / Planning plans / Reports / Portfolio / Reports, Reports, IT, Restaurant business, ETC. and so on.

2. Content-centric, high-quality content

-  The addition of the planner's imagination provides richer content and ideas

3. Best quality made by the best Director

-  Don't waste any more time using PPT designs and ideas from top designers!

4. Clipart library for PPT production, offering a wide range of Clipart, Icons, Illustrations, Stock images, Design sources, as well as fonts.

-  Free, user-friendly, free licenses

5. Free use of slides

-  Various uses except resale and redistribution

6. PPT Production and Design Know-how Course

-  Provide courses with only the most common formulas in practice

7. Provide user convenience optimized for use

-  Similar slide recommendations, smart search, and more.

8. Service status at a glance

-  Provides management tools such as statistics, inquiry, membership management, and file storage for B2B agency Administrators

9. Continuous content updates

-  New content updated weekly and monthly

Which browser is optimized for the PEAUTY?

PEAUTY is optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11..

You can use the service in other browsers, but it can be difficult to access normally. For reliable use, please use a browser optimized for use.

Is it possible to order and request slides?

PEAUTY does not generate PPT slides as a separate request.

However, if the slide you want to use on the site is not enough, Contact to scrown@scrown.xyz If you request it, I will refer to it so that I can develop and produce content with writers from various fields..

How do I withdraw to service?

If you want to leave after signing up as a Futi member, you can sign in at My Profile - Withdraw Service. However, for customers with a history of payment, please read the following precautions before leaving the membership..

1. Unable to use existing ID

The ID you are currently using cannot be reused or recovered if you leave the membership. If you want to use the same ID after withdrawal, please stop leaving the membership and contact Escrown Corporation at Its Contact us (scrown@scrown.xyz) for guidance.

2. Delete personal information and transaction details

Personal information other than ID will be deleted immediately upon withdrawal from membership, but in the case of transaction details, pursuant to Article 6 of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc. and Article 6 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act, Records of marking and advertising shall be in June, records of withdrawal of contract or subscription, etc. shall be five years; Records of payments, supplies, etc. and other supplies are kept for five years, and records of consumer complaints or dispute settlement are kept for three years. Please note that the information stored during each period will never be used for any reason and will be destroyed after each storage period.

3. Disappearance of paid services and licenses

If you leave the membership, you will not be able to download and benefit from the slide as your membership (membership) will expire through paid payment. This cannot be restored even when re-enrolled, so please choose carefully.

4. No Returns or Refunds

If you leave the membership, you will not get a refund for the existing payment. Details of the refund can be found in Article 15 of the terms and conditions of Scrown & Co. (withdrawal and termination of the contract).

When you sign up as a member, it says you are already a registered..

If you are registered via the same email, your membership will be restricted from signing up. In that case, please check your ID through "Find ID" on the login page and sign in.

In case member information is not inquired by the relevant method, Please contact us at the Scrown & Co. (scrown@scrown.xyz) and we will assist you in further consultation.

Can I transfer my subscribed ID?

You can use your ID for individuals you have subscribed to through email authentication.

Therefore, the act of issuing, transferring, or lending sublicenses to others shall be prohibited for all or part of the content provided by the site and for rights granted to registered members.

How should I change my membership information?

Membership information can be modified in the following ways:

After you log in to the PEAUTY, [My Profile] - [Update account]

I lost my ID or password.

The ID and password can be found in the following ways:

1. Find ID

① If you've entered your phone number in my profile, please contact Scrown & Co. at scrown@scrown.xyz to assist you.

② If you don't enter your phone number in my profile, there's no way to find it.

2. Find Password

① Login page > Click [Find Password]

② Find by Email Authentication

If the member information and the inquired information do not match, the member is not available and can be inquired. If you are unable to verify your ID and password, please contact Scrown & Co. send to Contact (scrown@scrown.xyz) for further consultation.

Can I change my ID and password?

The ID cannot be changed because PEAUTY protects copyright by preserving payment information based on its member ID..

However, you can change the password directly as follows:

1. PEAUTY Login > Click My Profile on the right side of the search bar

2. Click [Update account] in the right menu of my profile

3. Click the [Change Password] button to change it to a new password

How do I install the font?

Open the downloaded file and click Install..

If the downloaded font is not checked within the program

You can reboot the computer or check the installation status in [Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Font].

The use way may different depending on the operating system.

How can I check the size of PPT contents?

PEAUTY publishes information about the size of each content.

You can check the size in the content information in the detailed page after clicking on the file.

How can I use the slide after the expiration of the membership period?

All slides supplied by Futi as a membership license are part-time images, which can be edited and modified only during paid membership periods. After the paid membership period expires, the downloaded contents within the membership period shall not be used for any purpose. Among the contents produced within the membership period, software, POD, online sample, etc. cannot be used.

However, in addition to software, POD, and online sample purposes, slides used by members on websites and works during the paid membership period are allowed to be posted as they are produced unless they are edited, modified, reused, or re-uploaded even if the paid membership period expires.